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Some of Brad's things.
Above, from left to right...

1. The famous "below the ankle" socks
2. "The blender"
3. BM mix
4. Celly cover
5. This exquisite floral arrangement was the centerpiece on Brad's entertainment center.
6. If he ever di wear cologne this was it. And of course the ever-present rubber band wrist apparel.
7. "The cueler" as he pronounced it.
8. Eyebrow ring.
9. Favorite sticker...he had hundreds of them...well maybe tens of them...
he had at least 25 of these stickers.
10.Texas flag (handle with care)
11. First person I knew of to buy this thing...He loved it and I must
say, he was quite the chef when it came to grilling out on "The Foreman."
12. Loved the Lotto...Played twice a week...Jav still plays his numbers.
13. Hung over the door at Bing's apt...
14. Part of one of Brad's only Halloween costumes as an adult.
15. Sure he had his own bowling ball...The Rock, baby!
16. "Sco Sauce." He used this on everything except salads and ice cream.
17. His back-up Sundowner sticker.
18. The place where Brad got his famous/infamous tatoo.

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