Brad was the best brother in the whole world. He was the kind of brother that would do anything for me and I have come to find out that he was just that kind of person. He was funny, witty, and very cute. When I think of him, I think of laughing with him and hearing his sarcastic wit. He always knew how to make me smile. He was the first person I called about exciting things in my life. When we had family functions or when we were just hanging out it was always a blast.

When it came to my children he was the greatest uncle that ever lived. He was their only Godparent because he was the only person that we trusted would take care of our children and guard them with his life. He never let any of them down. When he made a promise it was always kept. He always was playing jokes on them and they loved it. He seemed to never get tired of playing with them and letting them jump on him, which I know he had to have been.

By Brooke Cox

Much has been said about Brad and best friends.
He was a best friend to many and it seems that he had
the ability to make everyone feel as if they were his
best friend. However in reality, he did have one true Best Friend...


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