Here are some words and phrases and an attempt at their definitions that you may or may not have heard come out of Brad's mouth over the years...This man was truly one-of-a-kind. This list will get much bigger so send me any Bingisms you can think of.

"I love you not that much!" - Brad's way of letting you know he loved you. Opposites were a frequent part of Brad's vocabulary.

"Later" - This could mean a variety of things such as "See you later," "I'm done with this, that, you," "This conversation's over," "Shut Up" and many others.

"Sorry I party"- This was Brad's sarcastic statement to people who would criticize Brad for wanting to have a good time.

"Dahude"- Dude

"Pro-cisely"- precicsely

BAM, BNM - By All Means and By No Means - Used as another term for yes and no.

"Sorry Stud"- Another sarcastic statement that basically means "Sorry I don't meet up to your standards or expectations."

"Wait" - Used when he thought something was remarkable or he had to really think about what he just heard someone say or saw someone do.

"Bold statement by a bold man" - Brad's reaction to a person's reaction to one of Brad's many candid statements, or comments.

"Knee" - Brad's nickname for Richie. The evolution is as follows: Deegan to Dunbar to DB to DB Sweeney to Knee.

"Let's get our day drink on, dahude!" - Let's go and grab a few beers since the weather is so nice out.

"Nevermind" - Sort of like later but less forgiving. I say: "Man I can't go with you after all, Bing." Brad: "Nevermind."

"Sorry I drink beer and listen to Aerosmith."- No definition needed.

"El Kide, The Kid, La Kida" - Brad's name for himself.

"John's Deluxe" - The name for his Dad's gourmet beans and franks dinner.

"Three Bean Casserole" - Brad's name for one of his favorite nightly cuisines. Consists of green beans, corn and carrots.

"The Spack" - nickname for the rental car he had while his truck was getting fixed. I think it was a Geo.


Many more to come...

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