Torreůn Bergeron April 12, 2019

I have had a love for the game of basketball since a young age. But one thing Coach Glass and the Spring basketball program have instilled in me is that at one point in life Basketball will not always be here. Coach Glass would always tell us that itís the memories you make with your teammates and that bond you create with them that will last forever. I can honestly say that is something that has stuck with me throughout these past 4 years. This Program has really become my family and Iíll do anything for these guys, as I know they would for me. As I begin my next step in this process no matter how far I go I will always be a Spring Lion and to be able to say that is something Iím proud of and truly an honor. To be picked for this scholarship is a blessing and Iím grateful beyond measures. I would like to thank the Bingham family for this scholarship. Itís not every day you get a opportunity like this and I just want the Bingham family to know how much they are appreciated. I plan on using this scholarship to help me with my college expenses. Itís always a blessing to know you have such courteous and kind-hearted people looking out for you. Words cannot explain how thankful I am.

















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